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Lamont "Mizont" Depew was born in Kingston N.Y on June 20, 1976. At the age of 3 years old, he would move to Boston Massachusetts with his mom & two older brothers. Every Saturday morning, the sounds of W.I.L.D's "The Time Tunnel" would fill the apartment with Disco & Soul Classics that left a lasting impression on him. Also on Saturday nights, K.I.S.S 108 would play some underground music with Top 40 Pop in between. He would sneak out of bed just to experience the different sounds they would be playing without waking up the whole house. All these moments from the 80's came into fruition on New Year's Eve in 94 when he was convinced by his mother to go to "The Loft" because she said, "you need a change in your life for the good". So on that night with the sounds provided by his now mentor DJ Bruno, Mizont's life literally changed at that moment.

He quickly became a regular at The Loft and began a friendship with the legendary DJ Bruno who in that time had big plans to open a record shop in the Back Bay area of Boston. After an amazing set, Bruno pulled him aside and asked if he wanted to work for him at the shop? Mizont accepted the offer but he was not a DJ at this time. It was 6 months into working at BiscuitHead Records when his mentor saw something in Mizont for him to start playing music. So in April of 96 with Bruno's guidance & a tax return check he would go on to buy a pair of 1200's, a mixer & receiver. And the rest as they say is history.

Nowadays you can find Mizont on Mixcloud with his series of mixes "The Dirty Mattress Mix" & "The Tomorrow Sessions" as well as other mixes available for listeners. He's also a resident DJ at Central Underground in Cambridge Massachusetts & is co owner of Central Underground Recordings located in Boston Massachusetts.



Basswise Archives

Monday 00:00 - 08:00