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I have been in the music scene in THE GAMBIA since 2004 as a local entertainer in town by playing ceremonies and concerts. My first biggest stage performance was OPEN MIC FESTIVAL in 2011 when I became official DJ for Black Lynx (the organisers). In 2012 I started verity weekly radio show as DJ/Presenter on AfriRadio 107.6fm. I established The VOLKANU (my movement) in 2014 and gained significant popularity within the local music industry and later in 2015 I founded HOME BAZE radio show which has become one of the biggest shows in The Gambia.

In 2016 I won the prestigious title of Radio Presenter of the Year sponsored by WMA (WAH SA HALAAT MUSIC AWARD) and also nominated for the 2017 Media personality of the year. Now Im UK based and ready to continue what I love doing DJ'ing.



Basswise Archives

Monday 00:00 - 08:00