We are live (in beta)

Frdiday 18th OctoberJames Basswise
Basswise is in Beta

It’s been a busy few months from the idea to initial planning and designing, testing, going back to the drawing board etc… but we are now in live and in BETA, streaming bass music 24/7!

What does this mean?

Well quite simply, we’re not 100% polished yet. We want to be the best platform we can be and for that to happen, we want to get the station up and on air, give it a good test, work on listener and dj feedback to make the experience amazing for everyone who is a part of Basswise.

We’ll be spending the next few months ensuring the website is bug free, the schedule is filled out with amazing dj’s of all genres (Want a show? Get in touch) and the Basswise experience from dj is listener is smooth. During the beta, slots that are not filled with a live show will rebroadcast previous shows, so if you want a mix played or no longer want your mix in the rotation, get in touch.

With that, we encourage to get in touch with us via social media or email to help us be the best version of us we can be!

Over the next few months you’ll see changes across the website, but if there’s anything that you’d like to see that we haven’t made, let us know! We’ll be giving frequent updates on the station whilst in beta, so keep checking back!

Oh... and did we mention that when we do launch, we’ll be doing a 12 hour video stream from a London location to celebrate? No? Well we did now!

Want to Advertise with us?

If you’re looking to get in touch with promotional or advertising opportunities, please also get in touch via advertise(at)basswise.com we can get a conversation rolling!

Want a show?

If you’re a DJ and feel you can commit to a live or pre-recorded show every week or bi-weekly, please send us a message via hello(at)basswise.com with a link to a mix or a previously recorded show and we’ll be in touch. Whilst hosting a show isn’t a requirement, it really helps with listener interaction and come on… everyone loves talking about music...

Slot Available (Bi-weekly Sun 5-6pm)

Sunday 16:00 - 17:00